Should You Buy It?

In January, I posted information about the savings challenge I am participating in, along with Mandy, of House of Rose fame, and her readers. If you missed the post, you can read about it here. If you started the challenge with me in January, we are a bit more than half way there, and you should have at least $200.00 in your savings account. Are you with me? I am a little obsessed with this challenge. I have been saving the recommended amount each week, but I have also been stashing away every penny I find in the street and in the bottom of my bags! I am really liking this!

52 wk savings 2

In addition to the savings challenge, I did a closet remix during January and February. That is a nice way of saying, a shopping ban – not so fun. But, it did help me to set some new boundaries and guidelines for my spending. I now have set a monthly budget for clothing, and I plan to stick as close to it as possible! I am sure I will have a few set backs (if I need a coat or walking shoes), but I plan to stay within my limits as much as possible. I am hoping to participate in the closet remix again after Christmas this year! More on that later!

While I was knee deep in the closet remix challenge, I started keeping a wish list of items I wanted to add to my closet and makeup collection. I saved a great article in a magazine that has helped me put into perspective whether or not I really needed to purchase an item. I can not remember the name of the magazine or who wrote the article, so please enlighten me if you know, so I can give due credit. Thanks!

Here is a snippet of the spring/summer wish list I have created. I keep this list with me at all times and then I ask myself all of the questions below prior to putting an item in my shopping bag. If the item meets the criteria, and falls within my monthly budget, I bring it home. Simple as pie(: The Chuck Taylors are a must-have, and I purchased them in February for both Lucy and I. I have had that Dooney on my list for over a year and my hubby gave it to me for my birthday in February!! I was so excited! I have never had a nice leather bag, it this was quite a treat for me! The best part is that we found it on Ebay (new with tags) for almost half of the retail cost! So it was budget friendly too!

Spring Wish List!


When you are considering purchasing that fabulous new handbag or that amazing spring statement necklace, use the following questions to help you decide if an item is right for you.

1. Does it have to be dry cleaned? Dry cleaning is an added expense and is reserved for winter coats and formal wear in our house.

2. Does it fit in my normal price range? Is this item more expensive than you would normally purchase? If so, ask yourself what makes it worth the extra cost.

3. Can I return it? If you are like me, I often get an item home and realize that I really don’t need it or love it. Keep the tags on and follow store policies for returns.

4. Is it well-made? Well-made items are often worth the extra cost and will last for several seasons. But, don’t rule an out item if it is less expensive. There are fabulous things to be had at Target, Old Navy, and Goodwill!

5. Will it last me more than one season? Don’t spend a lot of money on something trendy that you will have to put in the garage sale box next season! Trendy items should be less costly.

6. Do I have similar items in my closet? If so, do I wear them? I have three J Crew Charley sweaters in red, pink, and green. They are versatile and can be worn during several seasons. Duplicate items are great, as long as you wear them!

7. Does it fit well? Enough said.

8. Do I already own what I need to wear with this piece? Make sure you have the proper accessories and pieces to pair with the item so you don’t have to purchase an entire wardrobe to go along with it!

9. Do I have to have it right now? My wish list has helped me with this one. I write the item on my wish list, or cut it out of a magazine. Then I wait. Sometimes, I am still lusting after the item two weeks later. Other times, the item gets crossed off of the list completely. Use good judgment. Good things come to those who wait!

What are your monthly budget rules and regulations? Do you have any tips that will help others be sure they are shopping with a purpose? Please share! Thanks for your continued encouragement and happy saving!


Sew To Speak PJ Pants!

This little sewing and fabric shop, Sew To Speak, is nestled in the outskirts of the Ohio State University campus. Lucy and I have taken classes from four different instructors at Sew To Speak, and have been thrilled with all of them. This was our second class with Jaime.

Sew to Speak is my favorite place to take classes. Look at this gorgeous fabric! the London fabrics are on Lucy’s wish list. We may make a back to school tote with those! Each time we have taken a class here, we have left the shop each time with a beautiful, completed project, as well as instructions and patterns to create the project at home, and a ton of fun memories.









The ladies at Sew To Speak describe their shop in the following way:

We are a mother and daughter team running a family business with only a few employees, who have become like family to us. We love fabric and sewing and want to share that joy with other like crafters.

We first started as a brick and mortar shoppe in Columbus, Ohio in February of 2008. Our shoppe is a small retail space with a little classroom space in the back.

In 2009 we decided to venture out of our small shoppe and into the vast World Wide Web.

Our mission is to serve and inspire in the world of sewing.

- Anita and April

Anita is the designer behind the new Arizona fabric line which made its debut this summer! I am using her new fabric line to create our next project this month!


My New Favorite Sunglasses from!

I have never owned a nice pair of sunglasses. I typically pick up a $10 pair at the grocery store in the spring, and then sit on them or lose them, a few weeks later. My husband bought Lucy a pair of Oakleys for her birthday this year, because he wanted her eyes to be protected from harmful UV rays. She spends so much time in the sun during the summer. It made me start to think that it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of sunglasses that would not only protect my eyes, but look stylish too.

When I received an e mail from, it seemed as if it was meant to be. A representative from Firmoo asked if I would be willing to style a pair of their glasses on my blog, and I jumped at the chance! I would finally own a pair of sunglasses that would protect my vision and look chic! is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store. They offer varieties of prescription eye wear in high quality, yet affordable prices. I have worn glasses or contacts since the fifth grade, so I am no stranger to shopping for well fitting eye wear. I have owned more than 50 pairs of glasses, and probably over 100 pairs of sunglasses, in my life. I am very selective about eye wear. Firmoo provided me with the sunglasses to review, but all opinions are my own.


I requested these Blue Tortoise sunglasses and I am thrilled with them! Firmoo offers their customers the option to upload a personal photo so you can virtually “try on” their products to see how they will fit your face. They also have stock photos on line. You can select the photo that is most suited to your face shape to see how the glasses will fit your face.


Firmoo offers several options to add to your sunglasses. You can add your eye prescription to the lens, or you can add two levels of polarization. I added the 1.50 polarization for a cost of $30.00. Thirty bucks is a drop in the bucket to guarantee eye protection in the sun.


When the glasses arrived, they fit a bit loose on my face. I have an oval face shape, so I have this issue with all of my eye wear. I took them to my eye doctor, and he adjusted them to fit my face properly at no charge.


I wore my new sunglasses to drive for the first time a few weeks ago and I could not believe the difference that the polarization made with the sun glare! I will never buy another pair of grocery store sunglasses again!


My new sunglasses fit my face shape, offer excellent protection from UV rays, and are half the cost of the other designer glasses I have been coveting!



I have teamed up with to be a blog affiliate for their eye wear. I would never recommend a product that I did not love. I am a stickler for products that are affordable, of good quality, and also chic(: I live in a small town where shopping is super limited, so a company that delivers quality eye wear to my door step is fabulous! Have you tried I will be using their service to order my next pair of glasses too!

On another note, have you heard about the two great sales at Groop Dealz?

Christmas In July Collection
Baby it’s warm outside but we have some cool Christmas deals for you. With the Christmas in July collection you will be prepared and ready to celebrate once the holidays get here and get started! This sale ends on Thursday and products are selling fast!

Decor Bursting with Color Sale
Bring any space to life with a splash of beautiful color. Lovely pinks and hues of beautiful blues will have your home bursting with visual interest! This sale ends on Sunday, 7/20.

The winner of the Rodan and Fields give away is Elle! Congrats! Please contact me via e mail today so I can connect you with your skin care representative!

The winner of the $25 Noonday Collection gift card is Jill! Congrats! Please contact me today via e mail so I can connect you with your ambassador Lisa!


Noonday Collection And A $25 Shop Credit!


I am so excited to share the be Noonday Trunk show I hosted with Lisa Foster on Monday evening! I try to host a girls’ night out during the summer each year. I love hosting my friends and, this year, I wanted to have a party with a purpose. I met Lisa through the blog and IG world. Lisa is a Noonday Collection ambassador, part of a team of women in this country who help develop a marketplace for jewelry and accessories hand-crafted by artisans in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru. Through trunk shows, Lisa shares the stories of these artisan groups, their everyday struggles to overcome poverty and how they transform paper, melted bullets, seeds and fiber into beautiful one of a kind wearable art.

Lisa kindly set up her display around our pool, so we could try on jewelry while our kids enjoyed an evening of swimming!



Noonday Collection was established in 2010 and partners with artisan groups in the developing world. By creating a market for those goods, the cottage industry has blossomed in a short time to provide dignified jobs in 10 countries at living wages, allowing artisans to support families and access health care and schooling. Noonday also offers no interest loans, makes advance payments on orders, and offers scholarship programs and emergency assistance. It donates a portion of sales to place orphans in forever families—which remains a core value as Noonday Collection’s first trunk show was hosted by founder, Jessica Honegger, in her home as a means to raise money to adopt her son and third child from Rwanda. The style and purpose of the products drew an overwhelming response, and the business quickly grew beyond a fundraiser.

And here is Lisa with Angelica, who is the spokeswoman for the co-op making these scarves (and the namesake!)


Lisa shared with me how she stumbled upon the website in November 2011 and became the only ambassador for the Noonday collection in the Midwest at that time. Jessica’s story and the vision she had for the Noonday collection and alleviating poverty one necklace at a time was too powerful to not get involved! Recently back from a trip to Guatemala where she was able to meet the weavers and beaders responsible for creating many of Noonday’s beautiful accessories, she was able to not only share the stories of poverty and difference these purchases have made in these artisans lives…but also to convey the intricacy of the work, especially after attempting to work on some of these items herself. The methods are passed on generation from generation and these women are extremely proud of their handiwork, not to mention grateful for the orders from Noonday and very hopeful for the work to continue.



If you would like to place an order & you were unable to make it to my trunk show, you can place your order here! Simply click the trunk show tab, and choose Lisa Foster as your ambassador and Susan Jeffries as your host. You can also place your order directly with Lisa by e mailing her at There are some great summer sales going on right now! Lisa would also be happy to work with you to host your own trunk show.

Lisa is generously giving away a $25 Noonday Collection shop credit to one blessed Charming Lucy reader this week! To enter the give away you must follow Charming Lucy on Blog Lovin and Pinterest. You can do this by clicking on the sidebar buttons under the Let’s Connect header. Then, visit Lisa’s Noonday Collection site and leave a comment here to let us know what you will select with your $25 gift card! The winner will be announced here on Friday!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I have met the most amazing women through this blog, and I know that God puts His people together for a higher purpose! Be blessed today!


Rodan and Fields Review and A Give Away!

My name is Susan, and I am a skin care product junkie. As part of my 2014 closet clean sweep, I have been using all of my hoarded skin care products before they expire. Even if I hate the product, or they don’t work, they are getting used up, sold, or traded before I buy anything else!! I have been searching for a simple, easy to use, effective skin care routine that I can follow once my old products are all gone.

In steps Jessica, a Rodan and Fields beauty consultant. I met Jessica via a beauty blog, and she kindly sent me two samples of Rodan and Fields products to try. I had the opportunity to review the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and the Night Renewing Serum, which are both additional products to use with your Rodan and Fields regimen. I will explain that in simple terms later(: My skin felt clean, soft, and refreshed after I used the products. I only had samples, so I did not use them long enough to see huge results. But, I used them long enough to know that this is a skin care line that I need in my life!

I need to keep my skin care routine simple, and that is exactly what Rodan + Fields has done. I get so overwhelmed going into a store and looking at skincare — what do I need, what works, how do I use it, what order do I use it in??? Rodan + Fields has taken the guesswork out of skincare. Each regimen is numbered so you know what order to use them in. And each regimen targets a specific issue. The Redefine Regimen targets firmness, wrinkles, pore size, and fine lines. The Unblemish Regimen targets acne. The Soothe Regimen targets sensitivity and facial redness. The Reverse Regimen targets melasma, dark spots, and sun damage. Their Solution Tool helps to guide you towards what would be best. See – simple and effective. Win! My skin is best suited for the Redefine Regimen.

Because I wanted to see real results from real women who use the Rodan and Fields line, I asked Jessica to send me before and after photos of herself and a client. The before is December 2013 and after April 2014. Jessica used the Redefine Regimen, Multi-Function Eye Cream, Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. (And she is going to be 32 years old.)

Rodan and Fields 1

The next photo is a friend and Jessica got permission to use her photo on my blog. Her results are after 3 weeks of using the Reverse Regimen, Macro Exfoliator, and the AMP MD Roller.

Rodan and Fields 2

Real results. Real women. That is enough for me(:

Here is a little more information about the company, for those of you who are still not convinced. Rodan + Fields was started in 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the same creators of Proactiv, as a response to the need to bring high quality, medical grade dermatological care to the home. The doctors initially sold this line in department stores and in 2006, it was the #1 skincare line in many of these stores. The doctors decided that liked the direct line of communication with their customers that they had experienced with their other product and they also wanted to help individuals during the desperate economic climate. In March 2008, they pulled their product from the department stores and went into the direct selling market.

The doctors have seen tremendous growth in their business. Rodan + Fields has the highest rate of FREE press and media impressions from beauty editors and celebrities. Their company is currently ranked 64th among the Direct Selling Association and they are not even a global company, yet. They have plans to begin launching globally starting in August 2014. In June 2013, they were awarded the Gold Stevie Award, an award that other well known technology companies have had the privilege of receiving.

Rodan + Fields is a Multi-Med Therapy line that is designed for easy use and less confusion. Each step in the regimens truly prepares the skin for the next step. The regimens attack some of the most prominent skin concerns such as a dullness, sunspots, acne, acne scarring, sensitive skin, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, wrinkles, pore size, and loss of firmness. The regimens come with 4 products and last at least 2 months. The doctors back their products with a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee. The company currently has a less than 1% return rate.

Although this skin care regimen will be a bit of an investment for me, I am sold on the simplicity of usage, the effectiveness of the products, and the real results! I am excited to finish using all of my other products so I can get started with Rodan and Fields!

Jessica is offering a fabulous giveaway to one lucky Charming Lucy reader! The winner will receive (1) Soft Summer Skin Package (includes Body Micro-Dermabrasion and a Mini Facial)! In addition to the give away, Jessica will waive (1) PC Perks Joining fee of $19.95 for the first person who emails me with an order ready to go (!

You must follow these steps to enter the give away. We will be checking each entry, so please be honest and play nice(:

1. Follow Jessica on Twitter @jsiegelin and send a tweet like “New Follower from The Charming Lucy Blog!”.
2. Visit Jessica’s Rodan and Fields website. Take the short skin care consultation to see which products will work best for you. Then come back and leave a comment on this post telling me which skin care regimen would work best for your skin.
3. Follow the Charming Lucy blog on Blog Lovin and leave a comment that you did.
4. Follow charminglucy01 on IG. You must request me, as my account is private.

The winner will be announced here on Friday July 18! Good luck!


Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Co-Host And Link Up!

Happy Friday Eve!! Today I am thrilled to be co-hosting Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday with the fabulous Agnes of Vodka Infused Lemonade! Agnes is a fashion blogger who hails from beautiful British Columbia. We are both women’s health nurses, moms to fabulous only children, and fans of all things fashion. Anges can also cook, so she has that one on me;) If you have never met Agnes, please visit her today, as you are missing out on one of my very favorite style blogs! You can visit her blog here, and you can find the Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday link up on my side bar. Her style is chic and easy to replicate. Thank you for welcoming me as your co-host today Miss Agnes! The stage is yours!

It’s that time of the week for my link up. Thank you to all 109 of you fabulous ladies that linked up last week!!! :) A great turnout, I love it!!!!! If you are interested in co-hosting please email me at If you’ve already co-hosted and would like to again, don’t hesitate to email me.

This week’s fabulous co-host is Susan from Charming Lucy

Charming Lucy

Here are my favourite looks from last week:

Jenn from Hello Rigby

Hello Rigby Sky from Sequins & Stilettos

Sequins & Stilettos Nora from Jacket Society

Jacket Society


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Two MORE Ways to style a white tee!

On Monday, I showed you how to style a white tee for Sunday brunch or a night out with your man. Today, we are taking a look at two more ways to wear this must have summer wardrobe piece.

My favorite way to wear a tee in the summer is casually. But, you don’t have to look sloppy when you wear a tee for a fun summer day with your kids or your friends. Balance playful with chic by pairing boyfriend (or husband) jeans with sparkly sandals, a monogrammed baseball cap, and sparkly stud earrings. Top off the look with a bight, colorful tote and you are ready for a day of summer fun! The look on the left is perfect for a casual July day outing.

The look on the right is perfect for a girls’ night out. Throw on your white tee and add a patterned skirt, fun heels, and a printed clutch for a look worthy of a night out with your favorite girlfriends!

I hope you enjoyed my two part series on styling a white tee, and I hope you discovered a few new ways to wear this summer staple! Be blessed today!

Ways to style a white tee


Two Ways to Style A White Tee For Summer!

I love the warm, casual days and nights of summer. One of my favorite pieces to wear during the summer is a simple white tee. There are so many ways you can style an inexpensive, simple white tee shirt! My aunt buys me a new white tee from Old Navy every year for my birthday. I wear it so much that it needs replaced on a yearly basis! Today, I am sharing two of favorite ways to style a white tee.

The outfit on the left is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a shopping trip. Throw on your tee with a printed skirt, colorful wedges, and a bold clutch and you are all ready to go!

The outfit on the right is suited for date night. You can dress up your tee with a pair of printed pants (J Crew and Old Navy have some fabulous choices this season), a pair of metallic wedges, and some sleek silver jewelry. You all must know of my obsession with Lia Sophia by now(:

Be sure to stop back on Friday for two more ways to style a white tee! What is your favorite way to wear your tees in the summer?

Ways to style a white tee

Wallis v neck top
$35 -

Old Navy v neck top

Old Navy t shirt

J Crew clothing

J Crew j crew skirt

Isaac Mizrahi green purse

Kate spade bracelet

Nine West Edelyn Envelope Silver
$93 -


Lexanne’s Monograms!

Happy July 4th! I hope you are enjoying the holiday and making memories with your loved ones today! I am so thankful for the men and women who have fought for our independence and freedom, so that we can live, work, worship, and play in the greatest country in the world!

Today I am sharing the creations of one of my very favorite IG friends, Lexanne Redman. I discovered Lexanne’s monogrammed items last year, and have been an addict since. I have purchased swim suit cover ups, a bikini top for Lucy, light weight jackets, a burlap flag, and labels for galvanized buckets. It is safe to say that I am a fan of Lexanne’s shop.

You can purchase Lexanne’s handcrafted items from her Etsy shop, Priss and Prim Boutique, or via her IG accounts prissandprim and lexanneelizabeth. Her are a few of my favorite items from her IG account.






Lucy and I took our jackets from Lexanne on our trip to Alaska last summer. You can’t see the monograms well in these photos, but they were the most versatile jackets to take on vacation. Lucy wore hers while salmon fishing and on an excursion to an Iditarod sled dog camp.



I love summer craft projects, so I conned my husband into painting two galvanized buckets for me. We need organization in our pool/deck area and these buckets fit the bill.
We simply painted the buckets with an enamel spray paint and I added some bright ribbons with a hot glue gun.








I ordered two monogram labels from Lexanne to complete my project. We no longer have 40 flip flops all over the floor! And we have an adorable, handy bucket bucket filled with picnic necessities for lunch at the pool.



I hope that you enjoy a happy and blessed July 4th! God bless America!


Denim Vest With A Summer Dress!

I hope that you are all preparing to celebrate July 4th with your loved ones! I know that, as a nurse, I have worked my share of holidays, so I am thankful to have the day tomorrow with my family.

I wanted to share this fun summer outfit with you all today! I purchased this dress at Maurices and the denim vest at AE in 1987!! No joke! I bought it during my sophomore year in high school! I knew it would come back in style someday;) The only other piece of clothing I still have from high school is my dance team uniform, and you can be pretty sure that you will never see me in that hot mess! The bag is from Sammy Dress. You can find them here or by clicking on my sidebar.

What are you wearing for the July 4th festivities? I plan to be in my bathing suit all day(: Blessings!