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Today is a bittersweet day for me. After much thought and prayer, I have decided to take a break from blogging. I have actually shed tears over this decision, because I have made some amazing blog friends over the past two and a half years. But, I pray that I am headed in the direction where God needs me most.

I typically blog about fashion and crafts, and I try to keep personal information to a minimum. But I also feel like I should explain my decision to you. This summer, our family lost someone very close to us. My cousin passed away in May. I have one sister and two cousins – a very small family. The four of us were raised as siblings. It was very unexpected and has been terribly tragic for my precious family. He was the head strength coach at Purdue University. He had previously been an assistant coach under Tressel at Ohio State. We were so very proud of him. In every sense, he was my little brother. He was beautiful, talented, smart, funny, and loved beyond belief. Every person I love is broken. We are pulling together and helping each other, but to say it has been difficult would be an understatement. This will be our first football season without either watching him play or coach in 20 years. If you are a Purdue fan, the September 12 game is dedicated to Doug. The players will be wearing his initials on their helmets.



I kept blogging because I needed the distraction. But I have been praying that God lead me in the direction where I am needed now. I have treasured every second with my family this summer. We were blessed to take two vacations, and our house has been full of family and friends all summer. It has been an amazing gift and completely therapeutic. As Christians, my family knows that we will see Doug again – that he is safe in God’s care and that he is in charge of something in Heaven(: But we miss him here, and we are adjusting to our new, often terribly sad, reality. This blog has been a quiet place of peace, encouragement, and comfort for me.



I am not vain enough to think that anyone will really miss my posts. But I will miss creating them. This space was mine. Something I created and nurtured on my own. It gave me the courage to get dressed in something other than running pants and take pictures of myself (something I had never done before). And it gave me you. I never dreamed I would meet friends on line. But you all have become like a second family to me. I go to you for fashion and beauty advice, craft tips, prayer, and just about everything else. You have taught me about pattern mixing, transitioning my closet, contouring my makeup, and buying jeans that fit my body. You taught me that women should be lifting each other up – no matter our skin color, weight, age, or social status. You have been the blessing in this experience. You have blessed my life. You all are my friends and I love you. I love that blog land has created a place where women can inspire and love each other. What a blessing to be a small part of it all.



I plan to continue reading your blogs, because I could never get dressed without your help and I have this crazy fear that I will end up wearing running pants every day again. Please help me with that(: So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your love, encouragement, friendship, support, and prayers. I am truly thankful for you. You have changed my life for the better. Perhaps I will return to this space someday. I am certainly leaving the door open for that! For now, I am quietly listening for God’s whisper to tell me which road to travel next. It is a frightening step to take, but I know that it is all in God’s hands. Be blessed!

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Glamour Farms Boutique And A Coupon Code!

Last week I shared a sheer floral blouse from Glamour Farms Boutique with you. You can see that post HERE, and learn more about this shop! I promised that I had more to share from this fabulous shop and today is the day! I am styling two items that I have never worn before, so this is really exciting for me! If you have never shopped at Glamour Farms Boutique, you can check them out HERE, and you can use the code charminglucy for $10 off your order! through September 2!


The folks at Glamour Farms Boutique sent me the Saint Lucia Tunic. It is a sleeveless tunic with embroidery at the neckline and elastic at the waist or hips (wherever you decide to style it). And can I get an Amen for side pockets?! Yes please!!





They also included a pair of Everyday Capri Leggings in black. I have never owned a pair of cropped leggings, so I was thrilled when these arrived on my door step! They are super comfy and versatile enough to pair with an array of summer tunics and longer tops for warm weather.



I am starting to think about transitioning my clothes for fall, and I can top this with a denim jacket when there is a chill in the air.

You can use the code charminglucy for $10 off your order at Glamour Farms Boutique through September 2!


Rose Gal Style!

I few weeks ago, I enjoyed introducing you to Dress Gal Style! Today I am honored to introduce you to yet another online shop. Rose Gal contacted me to help them spread the word about their new on line shop! After browsing their site for hours, and adding around 25 items to my wish list, I happily jumped on board! The ladies at Rose Gal sent me this fabulous kimono to style! I only own one kimono, and it has a floral print, so I was very excited to style this one!



I paired my kimono with denim shorts and a simple red tee for a casual summer look. I am still deciding how to style it when the weather cools a bit. I am thinking olive pants and a striped top. Any suggestions?



Rose Gal was started by a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. Specifically, it is the intimate fusion of endless possibilities that vintage and modern apparel has to offer. They love vintage for its understated simplicity, always en vogue character and stylized elegance. But most of all, they see the vintage style as being a uniquely timeless fashion statement, effortlessly embodying and capturing the essence of classic fashion. This contrasts with the transformative, evolving nature of modern styles that capture the essence of urban energy and edgy lifescapes. By seamlessly offering both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories, they aim not only to capture the imagination but also the hearts of our customers. Inspired by the natural charm and appeal of the vast spectrum of fashionable clothing, our goal is simple: to share their love for the best fashion with each and every one of you. Enjoy your day today!





Red, White, and Shades of Blue With Sarta Designs!

It’s the weekend and Jennie and I are hosting another round of Charming Friday!! Be sure to scroll to the bottom, link up something charming, and meet some new friends, and grab the coupon code for Sarta Designs today!

If you hang around here very often, you know that I have a thing for supporting small businesses and the handmade industry. Last summer, Lucy and I discovered Sarta Designs. Alex, the owner of Sarta Designs, creates custom skirts in the most fabulous prints and patterns. Between the two of us, we own five of Alex’s skirts. I have had my eye on this fabulous red and white skirt all summer, and recently picked up it when Alex hosted a sale.


I love that each skirt is hand crafted to fit your individual body style and size. The prints are unique, so you can be assured that there will not be five other ladies dressed just like you at the party. The pleated waist looks great with a belt too! You can custom order a skirt, and you have the option of adding a fabric sash or a fabric bow for your skirt too! I love the idea of a skirt created in your school colors for football season!


I paired my Sarta Designs skirt with a simple white tank and sandals. I can simply add a denim jacket, or a button up chambray top, when the weather cools a bit. I have one of Alex’s winter weight skirts that I pair with tights and boots too!



If you have not yet heard of Sarta Designs, here is a bit about the shop in the owner’s words:

About Me:
My name is Alex! I’m originally from Charlotte, NC. I am a Senior at the University of South Carolina. I learned to sew in high school, but took it as a “just for fun” class (who knew it would later help me start a business!). My favorite color is blue and I love pastels. I love to sew, crochet, do puzzles, and shop. I have way too many of my own Sarta skirts. Sewing is so relaxing for me. I just find something to watch on Netflix and let that play while I sew!

About Sarta Designs:
In the summer of 2013, I was bored. I decided to quit my job because I got a really sweet babysitting gig. However, this meant a good bit of free time for shopping. I love skirts, but I could never find one that fit me well, had pockets, and was a decent price. One day it hit me that the kind of skirt that I wanted could easily be mine. All I had to do was make it myself! I didn’t have a sewing machine of my own, but I borrowed my neighbor’s as I had done previously for small projects. After I made myself a couple of skirts, friends started asking me if I could make them one. I had enough people interested that I was able to buy myself my own machine and start filling my free time with sewing instead of shopping! My absolute favorite part of Sarta Designs is making custom orders. I love when I get an email about someone wanting a specific print/style that I haven’t offered yet. I love the challenge of finding something perfect for them, and the joy I feel when I know they are happy too!

This pink skirt is so versatile! I have paired it with striped tees in the spring and a sweater and tights in the fall!




Alex was kind enough to offer a coupon code for my readers! You can use the code charming for 10% off your order! Thanks Alex!! Grab a Lily Pulitzer design for now, and a gingham skirt in your school colors for football season! Do you have a favorite hand made shop? I would love to hear about it! Be blessed!


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Glamour Farms Boutique And A Coupon Code!

I love to enter IG contests. I am not a fan of the loop contests – they take way too much time. But, I love the little contests that my favorite IG accounts host to promote their shops. I have followed Cyndi, of the Walking in Grace and Beauty blog, for a couple of years. I love her chic, classic style and she uses her voice to share her love for Jesus. I had noticed a couple of really cute, colorful summer outfits she shared were from a new shop named Glamour Farms Boutique. I started following their IG account, and was instantly smitten! I was thrilled when I won one of their giveaways! The owners were sweet enough to offer a coupon code to my readers! You can receive $10 off your order when you use the code charminglucy at check out!!



They sent me the Sheer With Me Floral Blouse in Navy. I was so excited to style this top! It has a stand up collar and button front detail to the waist. It is sheer, so you need a cami for coverage. But, I like that the buttons only go to the waist, as I think it adds less bulk. It fits true to size and is the perfect blouse to pair with white shorts or denim. I will be transitioning this top into fall by topping it with a cardigan or a light jacket.




The folks at Glamour Farms Boutique were sweet enough to offer a coupon code for you all, so you can try out their fabulous trendy clothing and accessories too! Simply use the code when you check out and you will receive.

The Glamour Farms unique online store offers chic & contemporary styles, with a little bit of sass, to complement every woman’s natural beauty! They offer all of the latest fashion trends at affordable prices, while not compromising the quality of their product. They receive new merchandise all of the time to keep fashions fresh and one of a kind. I see new items added to their shop daily! Their goal is to be able to clothe you from top to bottom and make you look and feel like a million bucks!

Glamour Farms was founded in 2013 by a mom and her two daughters, who all use their own “special” talents to make the business work. Pam, the mom, is in charge of the books and business side of Glamour Farms. Stephanie, the oldest daughter, takes care of all the purchasing. Along with buying she constantly studies the markets to bring you, the customer, the latest and greatest fashion trends. Elizabeth, the youngest daughter, is the tech professional. She is the one in charge of building the website and keeping us connected to all social media. Her talents take care of all the technology and media. Together this team of ladies is living out a lifelong dream of running a clothing business.


I will be sharing another outfit from Glamour Farms Boutique next week! I am so excited to style the pieces, as I have never tried either style! The outfit will include cropped leggings, which are now my holy grail!! You can try all of their latest styles and receive $10 off your order when you use the code charminglucy at checkout! Be blessed!!


Golden Tote Review!

I have not been shopping much for summer clothes lately. I feel like my closet is full of summer items, and I still have a few items yet to style. I am still working on sticking to my clothing budget, but I just wanted to add a fun item to my wardrobe this month. I decided to try the Golden Tote subscription box.


Golden Tote works in a similar fashion to Stitch Fix. I will sum up the process for you.

1. Create a style profile. Every tote is hand packed based on your profile, so this is very important! The more they know about your size, shape, and style, the better they can pack your tote for the perfect personal fit.

2. New totes arrive on the first Monday of the month at 9AM PST. You can select a $49 tote, which will include one item you select, and one or two items they pick for you based on your profile. Or you can choose the $149 tote, which contains five to six items.

3. You may select add on pieces when you check out too. These are items in the Golden Tote boutique that you can’t live without. You will receive them at a discounted price if you add them to your tote.

That is it! This makes getting dressed so much more fun and easy!


I selected the Colorful Faux Wrap Top in gray, as my item of choice. This top is fabulous with white denim, and can easily be transitioned to a cooler weather 70s vibe by pairing it with wide leg pants and booties.




I also received the Pink Note V-Neck Tank in black. This reminds me of a top I received in Stitch Fix that I loved but had to return due to a defect. I was so excited to try this one! It has cut outs on the shoulders, which I love! I can easily pair this with a cardigan or a jacket when the weather gets cooler too. I could not locate this top on their site. Perhaps the surprise items are just that – a surprise(:





I would certainly try Golden Tote again based on this experience. This would be a fun way to add unique items to my closet during the months that I don’t use Stitch Fix. You can trade or sell the items you don’t love on a special Facebook page. If you do use my referral links here on the blog, I will receive some sort of credit toward my next Golden Tote. Please don’t feel obligated, but thanks if you do use my link! Enjoy!


Rocks Box #4 and The Charming Friday Link Up!


Here is the key – follow Rocks Box on IG and added your IG handle to your Rocks Box profile. When you see a piece that you would like to try in your next box, comment with the hash tag “wish list”. The stylists check the hash tags and will try to send you pieces you love!

Your Rocks Box goodies will arrive packaged neatly and wrapped in bubble wrap.


You will get a personalized card in your box that lists the name, description, and cost of each piece. First time subscribers can try Rocks Box for free with the code susanbff169!


Kendra Scott Tessa Stud Eattings in iridescent Drusy for $52.


the Urban Gem Melissa Necklace for $36. I love the color and the shape of the stones. And this piece is so light weight! I can hardly feel it when I am wearing it! The cobalt stones will coordinate with so many other shades for every season!


The House of Harlow 1960 Aztec Bangle in Teal for $38.


You can sign up to try Rocks Box for free this month. Simply use the code susanbff169 when you order your box, and your first box will ship for free! I am so glad that I decided to give this subscription a second chance! I created a wish list on their web site so the stylists will be more in tune with my tastes. Be sure to fill out a wish list before you place your order! You can also follow rocks Box on IG and hashtag #wishlist on featured items that you would like to try in your box. As a Shine Insider, you will also receive $10 of Shine Spend each month to use on any pieces you purchase. Hopefully your first box will be a success. The idea of borrowing fun accessories and returning them for new pieces is genius! Here is how you can become a Rocks Box Shine Insider!

1. Become a Shine Insider. Fill out a questionnaire indicating your style preferences .

2. Get 3 Pieces to Wear on Loan. Each piece is hand-selected for you based on your style and specific requests. Wear your pieces as much as you want! Return the pieces you don’t love, wear the ones you do, and then return those for new ones! You can order your first Rocks Box for FREE using the code susanbff169.

3. Return Anytime to Get 3 New Pieces. Return your Rocksbox pieces anytime and as often as you like. Every set has 3 pieces of designer jewelry, worth an average of $200 per set.

Now on to today’s Charming Friday link up with Jennie and me! We are so excited that this link up is growing and we have enjoyed meeting all of you! Last week we had 49 links, which is our highest number of links to date! We hope you are enjoying meeting new friends too! Thank you for participating!

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Boho Dress/Denim Vest!

Every girl has one or two pieces of clothing that has been in her closet for longer than necessary. I am known to get rid of clothing very quickly. I don’t get attached to articles of clothing and I tire of trends easily. But I have two pieces that I have held on to since high school – and my 25 year class reunion is quickly approaching. One item is a pair of way too short denim cut offs. I just had a lot of fun in those and keep them stashed in a drawer. The other item is this denim vest. I wore it in high school, college, and in my 30s and 40s. I would say it has been a good deal if we are calculating price per wear(:



I recently paired my trusty vest with a boho sundress for church, and I remembered why I hung on to it. It is timeless and coordinates with so many outfits. I love how it adds a casual flair to a colorful summer dress. This particular dress is out of stock, but you can find a similar version HERE.


I received my new Rocksbox goodies a few days ago, and the Urban Gem Melissa Necklace paired perfectly with my dress today! I will be going into more detail about what I received in my next post, but you can use the code susanbff169 now and get your first Rocksbox for FREE!


My clutch was my NYC purchase, and you can find a similar straw version HERE.


Since my exact vest has been out of stock for about 24 years, you can score a similar denim vest HERE. Have you hung on to any treasured articles of clothing since high school? Please tell me that I am not the only one! I hope you enjoy a blessed day today!




Dress Gal Style!

Last month I was contacted by Dress Gal Style to help them spread the word about their new web site! After browsing their shop for several days, I found so many fun, affordable pieces! While I do tend to maintain a closet full of staple items, I love to add fun, trendy pieces to my closet too! Especially for the warmer months. And I am totally on board with colorful, inexpensive handbags, as I love to change mine frequently during the summer.


The ladies at Dress Gal sent me this adorable casual short sleeve v neck printed dress to style!





They also included the mini cross body chain strap shoulder bag in rose red. It is the perfect size for summer date night or a girls evening out. It also comes in black, beige, and yellow.

I have this convertible rivet clutch/handbag on my wish list for fall. It is the perfect bag to carry to Friday night football games!



If you have not heard of Dress Gal Style, they are a online clothing and accessory shop which specializes in offering the latest styles in fashion for women, including dresses, skirts, bags, lingerie, leggings, sweaters, shoes and accessories. They promise to try their best to offer the lowest price and convenient shipping services. has established trust with thousands of customers from all over the world. Consumer benefits and customer satisfaction are always their top priority in helping women have a positive online shopping experience. Be sure to check out their size charts. The clothing is created in Asian sizes, so things can run a bit smaller than regular American sizes. There is something for everything though!




Strapless Summer Dresses And The Charming Friday Link Up!

I have been enjoying some new trends this summer. I follow along with a few different IG style challenges, and they help to push me out of my denim shorts comfort zone. I picked up this strapless floral dress in the spring during a 40% off sale, and recently wore it to a family birthday party. It is so soft and light weight, I was comfortable all day! My only issue with strapless pieces is finding a good undergarment. Does anyone else have the issue of trying to keep your strapless bra from falling down around your waist?! I would love to find a fabulous strapless bra! Please let me know if you have any great suggestions!






My dress is from Loft. I could not currently find it on their site, but you can find a similar Old Navy strapless dress HERE. Mint Julep Boutique also has a similar blue and white strapless dress HERE. Necklace//Accessory Jane. Tote//Nordstrom.

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