Shelley Bee Originals Skirts!

Once I find a clothing item that I love, I buy it in several colors/prints. I found Shelley Bee Originals on Etsy about a year ago. Since my first purchase from her, I have added 6 more of her fabulous creations to my closet. Simply stated, this is my all time favorite skirt. This is not a sponsored post, even though I am walking billboard for Shelley Bee Originals ;) This is simply one of my all time favorite hand made products, and I think you all need one, or five in your closet!



Shelley creates gorgeous handmade jersey knit/spadex skirts that are made to order. She makes sizes to fit everyone from a new baby to fuller figured women. Her skirts must be hand washed or machine washed on gentle cycle with like colors, and laid flat or hung to dry.



Obviously I am addicted to Shelley Bee Originals!



These skirts can be worn with a tank or tee in the summer, or paired with a chunky sweater and tights during the colder seasons. I have worn them with statement tees to a family movie night and paired them with wedges and a dressy blouse for church. They are so versatile!




Shelly also makes a fabulous twirly skirt! I don’t have one of those…yet;) You can find Shelley Bee Originals on Facebook here, or on Instagram with the name shelleybeeoriginals. She also has an IG account that she uses to host flash sales and sell clearnace items. I have purchased two of my skirts through the shelleybeclearance IG account. Do you have one of Shelly’s skirts in your closet? Which one would you love to add to your wardrobe? I have my eye on the camo skirt for fall(: The winner of the Lily Pulitzer earrings is Kelsey!! Congratulations!!


Lily Pultizer Give Away!

I met my friend Lauren through a blog swap earlier this year. She sent me the most amazing box of goodies including fabric and a hand painted picture of a rooster for my kitchen. We clicked immediately and I have been a fan of her blog ever since. Lauren is an art teacher, and one of the most crafty ladies I know! She recently opened an Etsy shop where she sells hand crafted earrings created from recycled Lily Pulitzer fabrics.

I ordered a pair when she opened her shop and I loved them! She recently sent Lucy her own pair, to help feed her new addiction with all things Lily Pulitzer.



Elle stocks her shop with a variety of Lily prints, so you can find a pair of earrings to match almost anything! I am hoping she finds some Halloween/fall fabrics and perhaps some Christmas colors to share too!



I asked Lauren to tell us a bit about herself and her shop, so you can get to know her better. Take it away Lauren!

Hello friend! My name is Lauren and I blog over at My husband and I originally started the blog for our wedding guests last year, and then it morphed like a power ranger into a catch all of classroom ideas, date nights, and DIY. I teach art to middle schoolers in North Carolina, and am a self professed professional thrift store shopper. I had wanted to start an etsy shop for a while but didn’t have any direction. After seeing a ton of my favorite designer (Lilly Pulitzer) at the thrift store I knew what I wanted to do. I began rescuing Lilly clothing items and re purposing them into button earrings. I hope that you are as over the moon about them as I am. Stop on by my etsy shop or my blog to say hi, I would love to hear from you!


Lauren is generously giving away a pair of her Lily Pulitzer earrings in the winner’s choice of fabric to one lucky lady today! To win, you must enter the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be announced On Wednesday September 3, 2014! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sarta Designs Skirts!

Lucy discovered the fabulous world of Lily Pulitzer while we were in Charleston last month. She purchased a few school supplies at the Lily shop on King Street in Charleston, and now she is hooked. She told me that she feels like she belongs in Charleston – hot weather, beautiful clothing, Civil War era buildings, fabulous restaurants, the beach, and amazing shopping, all wrapped up in a college town. I think she may belong there too(: We would love to relocate someday!


I found Sarta Designs on IG, and fell in love with her Lily Pulitzer skirts! I ordered a Lily design for Lucy, and I think it may be my favorite skirt she has ever worn! She paired it with a simple white tee and added her giraffe necklace. Next on her wish list is the Jellies Be Jammin Print!


I don’t think Lucy has worn shoes, with the exception her ballet slippers, all summer! She does slip on a pair of sandals for church though.




Sarta Designs offers special discounts for bloggers with whom they collaborate, so I ordered a hot pink skirt for myself. Today I am pairing it with a cobalt blue and white striped tee, but I have styled this skirt so many ways! I have paired with a simple black tee, a bright yellow lace top, and a white and navy striped summer sweater. I typically wear flats in the summer, but you could add a pair of wedges and really dress this skirt up for a night out!


This skirt is so comfy, versatile enough to pair with sequin sandals or Keds, and also fits out budget. I have a few more Sarta Designs skirts on my fall wish list. I have my eye on the houndstooth skirt for Christmas!


I asked Alex, the brains behind Sarta Designs, to tell us a bit about herself and her company. Take it away Alex!

About Me:
My name is Alex! I’m originally from Charlotte, NC. I am a Senior at the University of South Carolina. I learned to sew in high school, but took it as a “just for fun” class (who knew it would later help me start a business!). My favorite color is blue and I love pastels. I love to sew, crochet, do puzzles, and shop. I have way too many of my own Sarta skirts. Sewing is so relaxing for me. I just find something to watch on Netflix and let that play while I sew!

About Sarta Designs:
In the summer of 2013, I was bored. I decided to quit my job because I got a really sweet babysitting gig. However, this meant a good bit of free time for shopping. I love skirts, but I could never find one that fit me well, had pockets, and was a decent price. One day it hit me that the kind of skirt that I wanted could easily be mine. All I had to do was make it myself! I didn’t have a sewing machine of my own, but I borrowed my neighbor’s as I had done previously for small projects. After I made myself a couple of skirts, friends started asking me if I could make them one. I had enough people interested that I was able to buy myself my own machine and start filling my free time with sewing instead of shopping! My absolute favorite part of Sarta Designs is making custom orders. I love when I get an email about someone wanting a specific print/style that I haven’t offered yet. I love the challenge of finding something perfect for them, and the joy I feel when I know they are happy too!

You can custom order a skirt, and you have the option of adding a fabric sash or a fabric bow for your skirt too! I love the idea of a skirt created in your school colors for football season!

Sarta Designs is generously offering 10% off on all orders placed this week. Use the code CHARMING through August 31 when you check out for your 10% discount! Have a fabulous day!


Alice and Ivory!

So I need to tell you how much I hate that school has started. She started last week, but I think this week is worse for me. All of the back to school excitement has dissipated. Although I love back to school shopping and all of the excitement that comes along with the start of new school year, I miss my girl. I love having her home and I love hanging out with her. Having an only child, and one that I spend almost all of my time with, makes me keenly aware of the short period of time I will have her under our roof. Not only do I love and adore my girl, I like her. I really like hanging out with her. She makes me laugh, and I miss her when she is not here. So, I will thank God for the fun summer we were blessed with and I will enjoy every second of this school year with her.

My girl is my model for today’s post. I am sharing a very cool company that I discovered on IG. Alice and Ivory creates custom pillows, prints, totes, and turbans, as well as soft, cozy baby blankets. You all know my love for all things Etsy, and this shop is a keeper!

They sent over this mermaid tee for my girl, which she has fallen in love with. I have too. She spent the majority of her summer in the pool, so this tee is well suited for her.



Kristina began Alice & Ivory solely for a creative outlet when she was drowning in the corporate world. Eventually, it took off, and expanded beyond her belief. Now that she is a mother, she is transitioning this business to all things mom and baby, based on the items that she loved when she became a new mom in April 2013.

She said that she always thinks to herself “I can make that”, and always try. I love when a woman works toward her destiny! That’s how she stumbled upon making blankets, lovies, and more. Kristina LOVES what she does, and feels blessed to be able to share her creations with you!

When Kristina is not hooked up to her sewing machine, glue gun, or out woodworking, she is spending time with her husband and their son. She loves coffee, winter, the mountains, anything related to cowboys and Indians, and all things classy.

Check out her Etsy shop! You will fall in love!


Groop Dealz Craft Supplies!

Each week I link up with several other bloggers for a variety of collaborations. I love using this venue to meet new bloggers and to see the latest styles that my favorite bloggers are wearing. One of my favorite link ups is Fancy Frills Friday with Sarah of Sew Sarah R,. Today I was selected to be their featured blogger for the link up! To say that I am humbled, honored, and very surprised is an understatement. I never really consider myself to be in the same style category as these gorgeous ladies. But I happily showcase my personal style each week, in an attempt to encourage other women to take the time to put some effort into themselves. Most of us are wives, moms, employees, employers, bloggers, pet owners, and all around busy women. I hope that I encourage you to love yourself enough to make a bit of time for your self each day. You will be a better women for the effort. Thank you for featuring me my friends! You have no idea how much joy this little blog has brought to me(: The Friday Fancy Frills link up is on my side bar! Be sure to stop by today and make some new friends(:

Here is a bit about the link up in Sarah’s own words:

What is Friday Frills?
Friday Frills is a link-up each week where you can submit your very favorite post from the week and link it on my blog, which will in turn link it on For the Love of Fancy, and on Sabby Style. We will choose one fabulous post and share them with you on the following Friday! If we pick your post, we will let you know so you can post about it on your blog (if you want)!
The details:
Please make sure you are following For the Love of Fancy, Sew Sarah R and Sabby Style on Bloglovin and then submit your favorite fashion-related post! It’s as simple as that! To submit your post, use the button below to post a link back to this link-up, so everyone can come visit.
The benefit:
This is the perfect way to discover new blogs and get to know other fabulous ladies of the blogging world!

Sarah creates these amazing clutches. I took my clutch on vacation this summer and styled it here. And she is the most fabulously dressed PE teacher I have ever seen!


Today I am excited to share one of my go-to shopping sites. Groop Dealz showcases everything from leggings, to tunics, to totes and handbags, to holiday and craft supplies. They sell everything from clothing, accessories, craft supplies, Christmas items, shoes, and the list goes on! I check the site almost every morning for daily deals. When I am in need of a fun birthday gift, I check the Groop Dealz site first!

I recently ordered these cute magnetic washi tape clothes pins. I use them to hang photos and reminders on our fridge, as closures for gift bags, and Lucy uses them in her school locker.



Lucy and I decided to try our hands at creating some of these goodies for ourselves.


We have a pretty good stash of washi tape. We purchased the clothes pins at Walmart and I ordered the small magnets from Etsy.



Of course, Lucy used Disney washi tape. She plans to take these to school this fall. She plans to use them to hang daily reminders and notes in her school locker.



Be sure to check out the Groop Dealz web site and let me know if you find anything that I need(: You can find the Groop Dealz site by clicking on their icon on my sidebar. Blessings!


Black and White Summer Skirt!

I have seen this striped skirt styled by a few other bloggers, so I decided to try my hand at creating a fun date night outfit using this fabulous warm weather trend! I was hesitant to purchase this skirt at first, as it is certainly out of my comfort zone. But once I got it home, I was hooked! This is the summer of the skirts for me. I have been wearing them several times a week this season. They are every bit as comfy as shorts, but a little more dressy. I paired the skirt with a similar top in a thinner stripe. It was such a fun outfit for me! I could easily pair this skirt with a bright colored top, florals, or a chambray button down. So, it scores for versatility too!


My dog feels the need to be in every single blog photo shoot. I don’t have it in me to lock him in the house. He can open unlocked doors anyway, so I just let it go. You will see a lot of Gus this summer. He is my constant companion!



Enjoy this Lucy photo bomb too. When you have dogs and teens in the house, professional blog photos are pretty much a bust(:


I put together another outfit just to show you how easily this striped skirt can be paired with a bright color! What a happy piece of clothing, right?! Enjoy!

Black and white skirt

Warehouse boyfriend top
$20 -

Rare London zipper skirt
$49 -

Wedge heel sandals

Bracelet jewelry

Bracelet jewelry


Update Your Polish Collection!

It is time to update your nail polish collection! I have some fun color ideas to help you find a new shade to suit your style this month!

If you love nude shades, you will love light grays, sparkly robins egg blue, pale pinks, and creamy mint shades.

If you tend to wear bright colors, try cheery coral, vibrant hot pink, or bright blue!

For those of you who love deep hues, navy and plum are fabulous choices for the dog days of summer.

You can also try sparkly top coats, an accent nail, or create your own designs with nail art pens!

Here are a few of my favorite Julep shades for summer! Enjoy! Keep reading to discover how you can receive your first Julep Maven box FREE and start earning rewards points toward subsequent Julep purchases!

Update Your Polish

Julep nail color

Nail care

Nail care

Nail care

Nail care

Julep nail color

Nail care

Nail care

Nail care

Nail care

If you are unfamiliar with the Julep company, let me educate you about this fabulous monthly subscription. Signing up is super easy. Go to the Julep web site and complete your style profile. Each month, Julep Maven subscribers receive a collection of nail polishes, and other beauty accessories, which are hand selected by Julep stylists according to your style profile answers. Julep will send you an e mail previewing your upcoming Julep Maven box on the 20th of each month. If you love what they have selected for you, do nothing. If you want to try a new style, skip a shipment, or send the box to a friend, simply submit your request on the Julep website between the 20th and the 24th of the month. The subscription costs as low as $19.99 per month, so it easily fits into my new budget! Julep Mavens also receive a 20% discount on each order they place on the Julep website.

Did you know that Julep’s very popular monthly beauty box just got even better? Yes! Maven subscriptions can be customized to fit your style, your likes and your favorites even more now. Each month, Julep Mavens get:

A fully customized monthly delivery of over $40 in nail polish and beauty products for $24.99 a month, or just $19.99 a month if you sign up for the 3 month option
Flexibility to try one of five beauty styles each month or upgrade to get them all
20% off and free shipping on other products at
Exclusive access to the Secret Store each month
First dibs on monthly Mystery Boxes and the opportunity to win one, too

Not sure you want to be a Maven yet or know what style you are? Take the Maven Style Quiz and then use the code FREEBOX to get your first box free. You will be charged $2.99 for shipping and you are signing up for the monthly subscription service, however you can cancel at any time by simply contacting Julep Customer Service.

Julep also makes a great gift. The Gift of Maven is perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduation, your best friend’s birthday or any occasion. The Gift of Maven is available in 2, 4 or 6 month increments and does not auto-renew.

There are two types of subscriptions for new Mavens. Each box is completely customizable for both subscription types.

1. My Maven – you receive $40 worth of polish and product for $24.99/month, or 19.99/month with a prepaid three month subscription.

2. Maven Luxe – you receive $60 worth of polish and product for $39.99/month or $34.99/month with a three month prepaid subscription.

The Julep box makes a great gift for any girl who loves beauty and nail goodies! You can shop for your favorite friend or family member in the comfort of your own home! You can sign up for the Julep Maven monthly subscription box, and have the monthly box shipped directly to someone you love! Gift giving has never been easier!


Julep offers first time users a free box! Simply click on any of the Julep links in this post, or click on the Julep link in my sidebar and it will take you directly to the Julep Maven home page. You can also use my code number 15129345, when you check out. I recently became an ambassador for Julep and receive points toward future purchases when you sign up using my link. I simply love the company and desire to share it with my friends. Why keep a good thing to myself? Once your profile is set up, you will receive your own referral code which you may share with your friends and build up your own Maven points! You can also earn Julep Jules to use toward purchasing your Julep goodies by referring friends who also become Mavens. It is a win-win deal!

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free


Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

You can go to the Julep Frequently Asked Questions page here.


Keep, Donate, Or Toss? The Great Closet Clean Out!

I ran across this handy guide in the O Magazine to help you decide what to keep, toss, or donate when you are cleaning your closet. I tweaked it a bit and I am sharing the results with you today to help you organize your own closets!


Most of your wardrobe pieces should be staples. Think great denim, pencil skirts, white tees, and classic sweaters. Then add a few fun, trendy pieces each season to liven up your looks! Remember to replace your trendy pieces when the trend is no longer hot.

I love this blouse, but I have only worn it once. I will probably sell it so someone else can enjoy it.


This olive green military jacket is a staple and I can style it for all four seasons. It is a keeper!


Printing out this guide and going through your closet one piece at a time. It won’t take as long as you think and you will be thrilled with your new, organized space. Keep items that you love, fit well, and are classics, as well as your favorite items that hold a special meaning for you. We were in graduate school when I was pregnant, so money for maternity clothes was tight. I have one blue top that I wore almost every day when I was pregnant. It stills hangs in my closet 14 years later, but I think I am going to make a keepsake out of it. This guide will help you decide what to keep, toss, and donate.

Start by deciding if the piece fits well. Then move on to the next questions.

A. Too Big?
1. Will alternations cost almost as much as the item itself? If yes, donate.
2. Does it have stains that won’t wash out or holes that can’t be replaced? If yes, toss.
3. Do you love it? If no, donate.

B. Just Right?
1. Have you worn it in the past year? If no, donate, unless it is a formal dress or a family heirloom. Then, you can keep it or create a keepsake quilt or pillow out of the item.
2. Does it have permanent stains or holes? If yes, toss.
3. Do you feel great in it? If yes, keep it!
4. Is it trendy or something that you only wear once in a great while? If yes, donate it.
5. Can you use the piece for another purpose? If no, donate it.
6. Is it a staple piece in your wardrobe? If yes, keep it!

C. Too Small?
1. Does it have permanent stains or holes? If yes, donate it.


Do you have any other helpful hints for cleaning your closets and keeping them organized? I would love to hear them! Happy organizing!


Thread Up!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am in clean-out, organization, budget mode. If you know me personally, I am always in that mode;) I started cleaning out our closets in January and have had two garage sales, donated several bags of clothing to our local Goodwill shop, and even made a trip to Plato’s Closet, which is over an hour away. I am always searching for ways to keep our closets from overflowing. In addition to the closet clean out, I have instituted the “one in one out rule”. In order to purchase something new, we must get rid of one item in our closet first. It has worked fairly well with only a few cheats(:

I discovered Thread Up via my friend Laura, of the Why, I Do Declaire Blog.

IMG_1665 In a nutshell, ThreadUP is a company based in San Francisco that buys and sells gently loved clothing.

According to their web site, ThredUP is the easiest way to save money on great Women’s and Kids’ clothing brands and sell clothes for cash. They’re like a consignment store, but simpler. On ThredUP you can refresh your entire wardrobe online without ever leaving your house.

Browse thousands of like-new clothing items, which we’ve hand-selected and certified for quality. You’ll find all your favorite brands discounted up to 90% off, year-round. Shop »

And, when you’re done with clothing, simply fill up a thredUP bag and put it on your doorstep. thredUP covers the shipping, and pays you for every item we can sell to other families. Hand down »

Their goal is to make your life just a little bit easier.

They eliminate the stress of deal hunting by offering consistent discounts every day.
They take the hassle out of bringing your kids into a store by allowing you to thredUP online.
They relieve that recycling guilt by helping you lighten your family’s carbon-footprint with every order.

I received a large prepaid envelope from ThredUP, filled it with clean, gently loved clothing, and mailed it to the company. ThreadUP pays the seller for the items they keep. You can select to have the other items returned to you, or you may donate them via ThreadUP. I chose to donate what did not sell. Once it is out of our house, it is not coming back! I earned almost $50 on my first bag! I was very pleased with the amount I earned. I just ordered a second bag and am cleaning our closets one more time before we go fall shopping!


When you create an account with ThreadUP, you receive a referral code to share with your friends and family. They can use your code to receive $10 off of their first order with ThreadUP. Once they place an order, you receive $10 off of your next order too! Seriously, this can not get any better!! Clean out your closets, help your friends clean their closets, and everyone gets free cash to spend on clothing and accessories! Everyone wins!



If you are interested in trying ThreadUp, you can click on the links in this post, or you can leave me your e mail address and I will send you a personal invitation! Start your fall cleaning today!!


Boho Chic Summer!

While we were on vacation, Lucy and I decided to try the summer boho look for an evening out in Hilton Head. You can rock this look no matter what your age. It is all about feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own skin!

Lucy chose a floral romper and crochet sandals for her boho look. Although I have seen some women my age rock the romper this summer, I have not attempted it yet. But, it is a great look for Lucy!


I styled the boho look with a floral and lace blouse and denim shorts with a rolled duff. My Mod Cloth cross body handbag, leather cuff, and cognac sandals completed the outfit.


I loved styling this trend and plan to use this look more often for casual nights this summer. I hope the boho trend continues into the fall! How do you wear your boho look? I hope you have a blessed week!

Thank you for your constant encouragement and support! I also love to hear your feedback so I can continue to create styles that you want to see!